Article, Early Access, 2024

Similarity of multicomponent nanomaterials in a safer-by-design context: the case of core-shell quantum dots

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE-NANO, ISSN 2051-8153, 10.1039/d3en00338h


Di Battista, Veronica [1] [2] Sanchez-Lievanos, Karla R. [2] [3] Jeliazkova, Nina [4] Murphy, Fiona [5] Tsiliki, Georgia [6] [7] Zabeo, Alex [8] Gajewicz-Skretna, Agnieszka [9] Mikolajczyk, Alicja [9] [10] Hristozov, Danail [11] Stone, Vicki [5] Schmid, Otmar [12] [13] Hunt, Neil [14] Oomen, Agnes G. [15] [16] Wohlleben, Wendel (Corresponding author) [2]


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